Friday, July 25, 2008

Sweet Gals....

Today my colleague has brought her small gal to office as her day care was not available. She has not started going to school but I found her very smart and naughty. With all the spark which I talked about in the last blog. I tried to be close with her, as I was getting bored with out any work. I am waiting for a fix to come so that I can resume my work. So I started off with my small tricks, winking, staring, commenting. :) Finally she reciprocated; she smiled at me. I have moved to the next step.

I offered her one of the toys I have at my desk. She refused it and said "I want to scare you". Oh god, what did I do? I am just wondering about my future, if this small gal wants to scare me, will I ever get to find a gal who can make me happy all my life :| I am speechless. I went to her place to see what she is doing after some time. Do you know what she did? she took my hand and pulled me to my place and made me sit at my desk. Isnt she smart? I have to to find better ways to flirt with 'small gals' :)

But I liked this small gal. I always liked to have a small sister, I kept on waiting till I was in +2 I think. But I came out of my mom making her not able to have more kids :| what to do I have born complicated to be complicated. But I have always liked small kids. And kids likes me also - I guess - I am not very sure whom they like and whom they don't. As this gal told her mother that I am trying to be funny :( but she is not liking me. Some times I melt like cheese seeing some kids. It was tough to grow up alone. Teenage is the time you will start missing a sibling. I have seen many good brother and sister relationships. I also have been brother to my cousines, and I am very close to some of them. But even then at the end of the day I am just a cousin. I can not be a brother to any one.

I hate to call a good friendship as brotherly relation that's crap. I like to call a good friendship, good friendship. I have tried to maintain all the very good friends of mine close to me. I like to update them whats happening with me all the time. Brother Sister relation can be a good friend ship but not vice versa, even if you don't like your siblings character you gotta love him/her isn't it. Friendship is also an acceptance but if you try to put the intimacy a brother and sister has; then you might fall into each other.

I have fallen many times, not many as in "many" but it has happened. Its very normal feeling which people who are lovable get to have. I am proud of those relations as it taught me many things in life. I learned many things about myself, and I have learned many things you can not have in life. They made me more mature and stable. Believe me I have some friends who can not think about making a gal, 'a friend'. They sees gals as 'Gals'. I pity for them. I have learned to differentiate the difference properly and correctly.

I have found women as very complicated but delicate human being. I wish I could spend my life with a delicate woman who can understand the complicacy of my self and empathise me with the innocense of the small gal. I am sounding crazy?? I am serious!! If you ask yourself you would find the same answer. If she is beautiful/ugly enough to match with me, I would be happier :)

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Sparks of Life ...

I have read a speech of Chetan Bhagat which I got as a forward. If you don't know Chetan Bhagat; he is an ex IITian and a writer. I have read two books of him 'Five point Some one' and 'One night at Call Center'. First one was an incredible book about 3 IITians and their way of life.

Coming back to his speech, this speech he is talking about sparks of life. He meant by spark is the enthusiasm, happiness, carisma, security etc which you can find on a baby. He is just trying to find how that happiness and enthusiasm is lost on the way of life. Each child may be upto certain age are grown without knowing the sorrows, aspirations of his parents, troubles waiting for him when he grows up. During that period they are not scared by anything, they start doing things their own and they involve themselves in each and every mischievious act they find happiness in. You can see the spark which Chetan is talking about in their eyes that time. If you closely watch a kid - I know there are exceptions - but you can feel the joy in his eye for just being himself.

Chetan is telling where and how its is lost during the journey for success in life. As he says even I feel there is a moment in life where you should stop looking for better places and more money. The spark is lost when you make your life imbalanced for success in life. You should be striving for a balanced successfull life, and he stresses on 'balanced' more than success. Your striving is worth only if there is harmony in life. I have seen many families where they are making money, making money all though the life without preparing to take rest to enjoy the money or find happiness inside the family. Chetan finds disappointment, frustration, unfairness and loneliness of purpose are the main reasons for loosing the spark in life. I have understood what he is peaking and has written about that in my previous blogs. Seek enjoyment in the process rather than the end result. You can see it as seeking enjoyment by working rather than the salary. Or seeking enjoyment in going to school everyday rather than the poor scores you may get, which will make you disappointed. May be these were the things which my friends who used to fail in subjects but enjoyed college life have understood long back.

Its nice to find that there are some person in this world who almost think like me, I always try to be grateful for what I have and gain strength to accept what I dont have. If you keep on worrying and strive to achive what you dont have and loose the spark and harmony of life - which is the balance of health, relationships, mental peace everything in good order. What I am saying is not to be lazy and be happy with what you have, you should find a balance where you can stay happy at the same time more towards to your goal in the life. The goal of life should involve somthing more than having a better job, better degree or better financial stability. It should eventually bring smile on many faces and make you feel that you have lived a good persons life with lot of experiences. "Don't be serious; be sincere" as Chetan says.

The above photo is taken near my apartment on a day, when I had the mood to come back to check the flower after coming back from office. The crop is not exactly what I wanted it to be. But I liked the photo for the depth and contrast.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Price of Negligence .....

"Its high time to find out the details about the motor vehicle law atleast after one and a half years in US isnt it". Thats was the answer my conscience had, for my question "Why Why Why!!!". More details to follow. As you know (if you had read my previous blogs) me and my friend together bought the car. We decided to register the car in both our name, which was the reason for all these. She has gone back in June; so instead of transfering the owership completely to myself I have continued to have the co ownership and cancelled her insurence. I had never imagined the Motor Vehicle Administration to send me a mail yesterday asking for the proof for insurence on the vehicle by owners. They even mentioned the gravity of the situation; which was 150$ for the first 30days, then 7$ per day till I surrender the plates. Holy Cow!!! Life is fucked by MVA tooo now. So tomo I will end up registering the car in my name paying the 200$ tax and 128$ for new registration and the fine (which I have not yet calculated as 7$ thingI is variable till I return the plates or add my returned friend in the insurance). But in my Orkut today's fortune was so motivating; it said "Serious trouble will bypass you!" But as of now the trouble landed right on my head. I am brainstorming all the ideas, permutations calculations and escape routes.... to find the least expensive and permanant solution to this. While I am typing this one small hope has struck on me which is - if I am surrendering the plates and returning the registration, may be I can ask them to weive off the penalty. But this also sound good only to me, rest all depends on the Orkut bhagvan who said it will by pass me.
There was another trouble bypassed me some time back; which was the emission test - again the MVA; for which I have never received the letter asking me to go for it. But there I have acted proactively to go and enquire. At first they said my car was never tested for emission and including the cumilative fines it is 350$. I was shocked as if I was put in the mens dressing room in miamI beach. But later I spoke to the manager and he found out that I dont awe all that money, he asked me to come only in december. So if Orkut bhagvan is talking about that trouble, it has already bypassed.
I have never thought there is a catch like this from DMV. I am publishing this in my blog so that at least some one reading this will be pro active.
Recent update from says that it might not affect me. I can still drive the car with out paying the fine as the lapse of insurance is only for my friend. She can not register a car in her name in US if I am not paying this fine now. So I will ask her whether I need to do that. Oh god this is the last chance; will the trouble bypass me ???
Let me see ...
The picture is of the Virginia Beach Fishing Pier in the evening of July 5th. When VA beach was honored by three Rajagirian's visit. I have done little editing to increase shadows in Picasa.

07/16 Latest update: I have registered the car in my name; spoke to the person at DMV he said there might not be any problem for me as there was at least one insurance that point of time on the car. So I am happy at the end as of now.