Monday, January 21, 2008

License and Registration Please...

It was so unexpected to be pulled over by a cop. Finally it happened; first experience in my life to be stopped by police. Even in India I always wanted to get caught by police in usual checking or something like that. I have been telling my roommate about this fantasy of mine. This time i was on a trip to Charlottesville which is some 150mile far from Germantown to drop my friend. Out of the jet lag he had from the previous day's flight trip (Thanks to Qatar Airways' late flights) he was sleeping in the car while i was driving. When this happened i was under the speed limit and as far as i know i was not driving offensively. But to my surprise suddenly one cop came into the picture with flashing lights. Mind you there was no one in the road other than me and the cop. (Scary isn't it? - Especially for those who have watched some English movies with similar scene)

Ok; I pulled over and tried to wake my friend up. He has been driving here for almost 2 years and he also never had this experience. I was kind of excited and had the curiousity to know what made him stop me. He had this flash light fitted in his car which lit our car. After a long waiting time of 2 min; he came. He told my license plate is having some problem and is not so visible; okie (As far as i know there is no problem with that - later also i have checked it) now what? Then the request " License and Registration please...." i gave him what he asked for; he goes back to his car - again a long waiting period. Nishant was telling i am supposed to tell him that "my license is in my wallet i am going to get it" and "my registration is in the dash" so that he wont be so alert when i reach for it. (all these information is for the next time) then he comes back and gives me the stuff back. He asked me to fix the tag. If not caught by the same cop no one else is going to feel the problem with the tag. Then he asked us to go....

What a wonderful experience!!
There have been experiences where cops have posed for my camera and this was a different experience...

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Hamy my Hamy...

Am I aging backward - at least mentally - don't know; ya thats what i feel. You can find me playing with my Hamy - my pet hamster - and Spot - my doggy doll. I don't know man, you will be like this once you are some where alone and feel insecure. Have you seen Cast Away movie, some times i feel i am like tom hanks in that, and my pets are like Wilson. I know money is not everything, its nothing for me (its not because i am wealthy- i am not); but don't know some thing is holding me here. May be the opportunity to get recognition is more here, or I am just sharpening my bargaining capabilities. I wanna change my platform from testing to something else, I wanna learn more things - please i don't want to learn QTP. I could have been a good lead and a mentor in what i am doing now, but my experience is not enough for that title. Ok so what! I am still here, until i find an opening in my career. Don't tell any one i don't wanna quit my company with the tester badge.

Have you seen my Hamy; this is my Hamy. He is a pavam hamster whom every one calls as eli, panniely etc. But he is very cute with his big bum. He is not able to get inside his small house since his bum has grown fatter :)
I have to get a new bigger house for him. And some new treats for him to eat. Every one likes him though they are not calling him with proper names. I have got more visitors coming home to see him than me :( As long as he is alive i am happy; but i am scared. Hamsters are supposed to have a life of only 1-1.5 years. He was born in May 2007. So i have to take care of him better to make him stay longer with me.
He is a good friend of mine. He meets my expectations all the time. With humans my expectations are always more. Even from myself. May be thats why I am always having a looser feeling inside. Thats bad; ain't it? Can't help

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year 2008

Hi all...
Does this logical division of time into years really does matter in some ones life? I am not very sure. There are many days which are important in the lives of each of. For example before and after... Birth day, Financial end of the year, Gal friends birthday, etc etc... every thing can be crucial. Any ways for those who believes Jan 1 is D day. I am wishing you a very prosperous and better time after D day. :)

Even i have celebrated new year, i mean just made it to be a part of others' celebrations if you put it more correctly. I had gone to Annapolis which is a historical place and Maryland's capital; we reached there and we found nothing interesting. It was so damn cold and i didn't get my glove also. And i felt hungry too. After rounding the city - if you can call it so - around 3 times. I decided to try one restaurant. But the gal who fetches free tables had something ringing in her brain i think. So when we entered the restaurant; instead of showing us the table she showed the menu. She told these are the only items they serve and these can not be split between people. Then i had a good look at the menu there was no item less than 50$. Though i was deeply embarrassed and insulted by a waitress, i didn't have any choice to make there. I said thanks and came out.

If i were in India i wouldn't have let myself embarrassed like that. This time my friend gave a weird expression after seeing the menu. Also her confidence in judging us to be so cheap was very high too. May be next time i will not be in such a situation. I don't like any one to have prejudgment over me. This time it was correct; ya i wouldn't have spent that much money that time.

For your information the restaurant's name was Philip's - at least you will not end up there to be embarrassed given you don't have couple of grands to spend away every months. After that we went to sub way where i am so damn sure about how much the menu could be :P

Irritated by the new year and the god damn insult to my self respect we decided to go to Baltimore. I took the wheel and straight to Baltimore with out map, but we made it before the mid night. They had a splendid fire works. Took some snaps. Thats it my new year celebration is over.

On Jan 1st we had gone to Hershy in PA; to see the Hershy's chocolate factory. We had lot of expectations and finally it ended up with a chocolate outlet mall and some 3D show for kids. :( thats what we got after 2 hour journey.

Happy New Year :)