Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Instant Life Coach...

Today morning I have come across a magazine in which the singer Duffy - if you don't know her; she is a welsh singer aged 26 who shot to fame for her wonderful song Mercy and recently released her second album 'Endlessly'. - gave an interview to a reporter in the magazine. After the interview she bothered to share her wisdom on fear to the magazine as well. It caught my attention and it actually tells not all celebrities are just blown balloons.
She had 3 points to share, below are they. In her own words and then my pennies

Cause and Effect
"If you are a 'cause' in your life this means you create the existence that you want and control your own destiny. If you are an 'effect' you become a victim of circumstances. Try taking back the responsibility of all the good and bad things, make active decisions and allow yourself no excuses"

Isn't that a great way of saying how to live life, the use of the words cause and effect has been so good. 'allow yourself no excuse' even when your life is an effect. Just wonderful.

Perception is projection
"What you perceive inside is what you project outside so put forward the best image of yourself. Also cease to assume that in certain situations you always behave in the same way. For instance 'i always get nervous when I meet new people'".

Again that's one thing I have recently started noticing in people, there are many people who just let their attitude take care of their attitude itself. :) Such people always tell that 'I am like that, Can't help it' that's exactly she is trying to tell here. People assume always they are like that, where as in reality they can be different. Such perception/assumptions you have on yourself is the one thing which is actually not letting you grow out of the mould you have put yourself in. Such assumptions are not good, and one day you would feel, you are a slave of the cage your attitude and assumptions built around you.

You have all the resources
"Although you may not know it, you really do have all the tools you need to overcome fear and get more or less what you want. Look at what you have achieved rather than what you haven't and reassure yourself that you are more than capable. And always see solutions rather than problems."

Some thing which I have learnt myself. People who trust in god rather feel comfy about the experiences life is giving you and look forward with hope.

Have a nice day!

Sunday, November 14, 2010


Some one somewhere said relation ship is one kind of a ship which sails across the ocean of life. I used to wonder how can you manage more than one such ship in the life. Whoever said that may or may not have thought about that. When we try to keep the life calm we forget that we have forgot to sail some relationships across. One friend of mine reminded me when we try to sail many relationships be it be lovers or friends whom we give emotional support, at some point of time we would feel we cant take control of ourself. Probably thats true. As the blog title says I am a dreamer and imagine life to be a dream wherein I make all those who need me happy. But however its not as realistic as i thought.

I have met so many people in my life, I have been in love couple of times, I have a handful of really good friends, i think i have enjoyed the bitter sweet moments in relationships. I have realized some things - reinvented - the worst war fought in this world happens inside human heart/mind whatever you call it. And the worst pain i would say is being lonely, being ignored, being avoided, living without hope and love and feeling helpless in front of life. Every one in this world would do almost everything to avoid this pain, they would be selfish, they would kill people, they hurt people thinking that they can get back some hope. But our little mind is like a small small chick, it would be always in hunger for love. Another friend of mine recently told me that friends are part of life but not life. But is there anything in this world which is complete without its parts.

Ok forget all that… today my father was asking me to create a profile in one of the matrimony sites. Yes if it has to be done some day then there is no point in keeping it for long time. But I could fill up only till the last page where it asked me about my self and the expectations. yes i have pressed Command+W. Weird i don't think i can ever do this, its so overwhelming. I feel so awkward to put myself on display like a shirt on a mannequin, i wish i could find my partner without have to undergo this thing. I don't think some one can understand me seeing my picture and my expectations. Its bull shit, but there is nothing else can be done. This part of my life has to come from one website i think. Let me see when my profile shows up there! First response will be special. :) lol