Monday, August 27, 2007

I am Freaking....

Heeeeeeeee yeeeeeeeeeeeeee...
Hmm I just wanted to start differently this time; but looks like i am freaking out here... This time i have lots to tell you since i have visited so many places in the last two weekends.
The first place where i had gone is Boston, the week prior to this week, and this weekend to Niagara falls.

Boston Trip
Me, Nishant and my roommate made a plan to meet our friends in Boston. Nishant wanted to drive his accent manual to Boston, suggested saving lot of money both in Gas and Rent areas, and it was hectic for him to drive manual car for 500miles one way though.
We started like 7ish since i had some urgent work to complete, and we reached there by 3 took 2 breaks to fill gas and stomach. Nishant has his own ways to stay awake while driving like chewing gum and mountain dew. He says the caffeine in the drink keeps him awake; any ways he never slept off while driving :)
Boston is a beautiful place with lot of small islands and a good harbor. But we didn't do much out there, other than trying some new drinks at night. We went to spectacle island and did whale watching in deep sea. Got some nice pictures during the trip. One of my best album is Boston Trip album. Whale watching was not so impressive as i expected since i could see only the back and tail of the whales. Around 9 whales we saw. But then it was my first trip into the sea, it was beautiful but scary to be somewhere were there is only water all around. But our boat was like a small ship which was cruising at very high speed in to the deep sea, which made the trip unforgettable
On the way back we got stuck up in the New York traffic. New York is the worst place i have ever seen for drivers, don't know couldn't find anything so appealing about New York. Looks like a dirty city with lot of sky scrappers and maximum number of unsolved crimes. It took 2 hours for us to reach George Washington bridge from I-95.

Niagara Trip
This weekend my colleagues had arranged a trip to Niagara falls in the far north of NY. We have rented two cars, Pontiac Grand Prix and GMC Acadia, I loved the GMC. I drove it inside the hotel campus and it was lovely. Pontiac was an old model but had a roaring V6 engine which gave it a very good acceleration.
We planned to start at 2am, but the circumstances made us wait till 4. We reached there by 12 noon the next day. I was the navigator for my driver. And i did a good job without any faults, we reached safe before those who had GPS. Now i can go to Niagara with out any maps, i have by hearted the 450mile route. I just need to remember the sequence of interstate high ways. I-270, I-70, I-76, I-79, I-90, I-190 and exit 22 to Canada. :)
It was awesome as expected especially the trip to straight under the Canada falls in a boat. unforgettable it was. There also i have got some nice photos; though i cant say i have the best photos, they were just different.

This weekend is going to be a long weekend, I think its labor day; i am not sure. Whatever, that leaves an extra day thats it. My friends are planning for a big time trip to Florida, they are taking Friday off and flying to Florida. I didn't go since i wanted to route that money to some where else. I wont say for something useful since i am not that type :) .I have got a creative speaker system to watch movies, and a new 50mm lens to take portraits, so that gives you an idea how usefully i do spend money. I don't know what else to buy now may be i will save some money for a change.

I wanna see some beautiful places without spending much money. I wanna get my license easily so that i can rent out a GMC and go some where.. These are my short term dreams as of now. I gave up thinking about my long term dreams

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Not a Different Weekend..

Other than for Bourne Ultimatum this weekend was not so different. Oh I forgot the new furnitures we have got

The final Bourne was simply awesome; the scenes which strikes me the most are the scene where the Jason Bourn's car runs into a pool of cars. That was the most perfect accident scene I have ever seen on big screen; then the final shot where everyone thinks he is dead; and he swims away and then the song Extreme Ways by Moby starts. Please check the link it really worth hearing.

That happened on Saturday after noon; before that on Friday evening it happened; some one just left a cool sofa in the trash. Rob found it; me and Ela straight from office went to take a look at it. As Rob said it was a sexy sofa cum bed. Just that it had some scratches here and there, but then for us it was like a heavenly gift. Though I was so happy; a sudden shock occurred to me when i tried to lift it. Oh damn! it was nearly 100Kgs which of course me and Rob even with the help of Ela can not carry for 100 meters till our house. We were sadly thinking for an option, again like an angel my office colleague and her husband came and offered a pair of hands (2 pairs). There is no gender difference when it comes to help you know.

So we have started our 100mts journey right there with 5 people; till our building we took 3 stops which was not so bad compared to the weight - now i think it is heavier that 100kg - so till apartment block we have reached now the greatest hurdle of making it reach the 2nd floor. Seeing that our fellas left the scene. But then what they have done was very much appreciated. That time we took a bigger break to wash our faces. After that my another friend's husband came and helped us to make it up to the apartment. Oh man we couldn't breath after that.

It really did worth that much effort. It looks awesome in out beautiful and clean. Later on Saturday we found one TV stand also which was not so heavy. Then again on Sunday we bought a shoe rack. With that this week we have kind of furnished our house. With our beautiful dining table and the new additions it really looks nice.

One sad part of this weekend is that my Tommy Hilfiger watch which i had presented to myself on my birth day early this year; has stopped working. I had changed the battery for 10 bucks. The next day it stopped working; then the lady in the shop said its a problem with the crown of the watch and it takes 35 bucks more. But then for that 5K watch i was not willing to pay 25% of its price for that. May be once i get back to India i can repair it.

This weeks photo will be added soon currently i am not in a mood to post picture. Let me watch another movie on my laptop with my Bose head phones :)