Wednesday, July 22, 2009

First Bike going to come ...

Finally I have paid for my first bike. Actually the first vehicle to be registered in my name in India. I am pretty excited about this same time little worried about the horrible traffic in Chennai. Until the Yamaha FZ16 came in front of my eyes I was not at all fancying about a bike. I used to hate pulsar, probably because it came from Bajaj who is basically an "auto" maker in my mind. The FZ16 is manly, powerful and has unique design. Though its going to cost me on the upper side at the end of the day I will have the bike which I felt I should have.

I am planning to go on long rides with my camera - I have already identified some places. Also for lot of late night movies at satyam :) these two things excites me, though the back seat of the bike may not accommodate a gal friend which I currently don't have. :P. Mr.Deepu is again on his wheels alone which turned out to be a good time in the states. I have lately found being alone with myself is better than having the company of people with different taste.