Monday, October 29, 2007

Syracuse Trip and Car buying experience

Guys.. Lotta stuff has been happening out here these days. Me and my friend had gone to upstate New York, i had gone to meet my aunt. She is in Syracuse with family. That place is really beautiful except that upstate is more violent and crime rates are higher. Can't help it. Those places get colder sooner and not much development has happened over there. Most of the buildings are very old and the apartment where my aunt is staying is built in 1970 on a river shore. That place is very beautiful with lotta birds and fishers around. Especially the weekend we had gone it was the pear of autumn and we have seen lotta fall foliage. Visit my picasa album for pictures. We had gone to a park; for us park means some 4 acres may be atleast in Chennai. This park is little bigger; as much as 6.1 million acres :) howzaat. Yeah its one of the biggest national parks. Its actually an area named as Park. Though we didnt see any wild animals; there are plenty of bears. And that place is full of lakes. That weekend was one of the unforgettable in my US stay. Though the drive in Dodge Caliber was not so good!

This weekend me and my roomie has decided to have a car. Finally narrowed on a 2001 Elantra; it has gone 108 miles in 6 years. But the car ran good; and it had all the facilities for a luxury car.
And the price was compromised to ignore the mileage; hope it would be a nice deal. Don't know
I have to get a temporary registration to take the car home. Here the stuff goes in a complicated but straight way. May be later - once i complete them - i will write about that..

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

First Long Drive in USA

As you may know; I have got my Maryland driving license... I have made sure that every one knows that... :) Last friday i got the license in hand; though my photo is not looking good in the license that was a pretty good asset i have got in USA.

So on Saturday i went to the car rental hoping that i will get some thing less than a Ford Mustang.. but finally ended up on a Kia Rondo. It looked funny, reminded me of my Hamy. :) We started around noon, it was a 210 mile journey. We had fun out there; the photo in this blog is a view of the Pitts downtown from Mount George. It is beautiful from there. Next day we went to one coat factory to get prepared for the winter. I took a jacket for 160$ which was on the costly side. But it will keep you warm even in Antarctica i guess. :) Now i am left with glove and a monkey cap; then i will be ready for the freezing cold of winter.

One the way back i have just tried for 100mile/hour speed, it was awesome. If some cop had caught me my license would have been suspended since the speed limit on the interstate was 65. 100mile is 160km/hour. And its the maximum speed you can drive in east if there is no cop, above that by the time you reach the speed some one would catch you. In west coast they have raised the speed limit to 80miles/hour in some interstates. So i have celebrated my license with a 500mile journey :P it was a good experience and motivation for some more long journeys i am planning...