Friday, July 30, 2010

Gandhigiri ....

I am on the train to Stevenage to visit my uncle and family over the weekend. I have about fifteen minute to write something here. What do I write, most of the time I have been writing what comes to my mind and this time nothing much comes to my mind.

My manager today spoke to me from India he is the head of railway projects in my company. I am not dissecting him here but I am so far happy about him, given that he fixes the damn payroll problem with HR. If you follow me on Facebook you would know how irritated I was about that. From childhood I have been like that unfair deeds always upsets me, if I can't fight I used to cry. Even a small unfair judgement of me would crunch my heart. Even those comments from those I should not mind I take to heart. Someone who understand me passes a true criticism I can take it. If you criticise me it should better be correct other wise you would end up hurting me.

On the other hand I am very much self motivated and self propelled ;) I am that one whom a manager can trust and confide on. It doesn't take much for a manager to motivate me also just treat me fair I would always exceed his expectation.

This HR incident shook me yesterday but I know I shouldn't let this take over my motivation and my goals should be long term. I have a friend who says he would go to court for all these issues. He sees all these with such a spirit. If you are dissatisfied with a company you should not continue. The feeling of working for a company you don't trust will not give you happiness any day. Otherwise you should learn to move on and work on long term goals. I really don't appreciate fighting with manager for rating and money. I mean what the purpose. That's the time you should just quit. If you feel you are mistreated. Or else ignore it and prove that you are worthier than he thought. I follow Gandhigiri on all these matters!!