Sunday, March 28, 2010

Palm Sunday ...

Wish you all a happy palm Sunday.
After coming to London I didn't try to find a church where I can go for mass. Today being palm Sunday I have taken some effort to go to church. So got ready and packed my camera and set for st.pauls cathedral, didn't want to go anything smaller than the cathedral itself as it's my first visit to a church in london. I reached there as per plan twelve o'clock noon. There was supposed to be one service that time. But I saw the ending of the previous mass only. The cathedral was humongous, and that's where all the royal ceremonies including prince Charles's both wedding and everything happened. The church had huge wind pipes for the piano that too sterio both sides of the church had different set of vents and all. I don't know how it works but it was really amazing to hear to the music it produced.

After collecting palm I stepped out thinking about taking some pics. But unfortunately I realized that I have left the memory card at home. I was really pissed not only because of not able to take pics but also for the weight of unusable equipment I need to carry all the way.

Later I thought I would catch a movie at leciester square odeon. But both the movies I wanted to see were not running anywhere near. I wanted to see shutter island or up in the air. But I managed to see paparazzi waiting at the theatre for some celebs. It was an interesting scene. Around ten photographers with one or more high end cameras and power pack and flashes etc. They took snaps of some people I didn't recognise. First time seeing flood of flash lights like that :)

After that I walked towards Soho thinking to see some babes from any of the clubs there. Unfortunately that also siding materialize, either I didn't know where to go or I was just unlucky again. So I ended up again in oxford street. Till now have been looking for a shoe and didn't get lucky. I have a weird shaped feet which doesn't fit into any of the plimsole shoes I want to buy. I am so damn tired and sipping a coffee inside debenhams now. Will leave soon to home but only after a margarita!

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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Blogging from phone experience...

Ok so you might have understood that I have got a high end phone which makes me blog on the go. :) yes it's pretty cool.

Life in London seems to be boring so far. My idea was to have fun as far as I can. Now my stay here became uncertain. Thanks to the clients idea of opening their office in India and send me there. I am actually not mad about that if I get atleast three months here. I just want to see some places here. My agenda of being here ends by that.

I will keep you posted

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