Tuesday, January 20, 2009

25 Years....

This month I have completed 25 years of my life with God's grace. There was nothing special this year except that my grand father and my uncles wished me. Which was a surprise as they did that for the first time in several years and I felt special. But this year no one wished me in the mid night; and I was curious to see if there is still some one to wish me midnight. Though it made me little nervous I was remembered by many by morning.

But then the speciality is that 25 is a good number and is a good age to think about yourself and introspect. I still don't feel old though out side I look old, I always wanted to be a kid. I have been trying to be a kid whenever I could even now :) which amuses certain people and irritates certain other people.

I still couldn't believe 25 years is gone from my life. It has been a helluva 25 years. I have witnessed many situations which changed lives of mine or the other. I have tried to take a lesson out of each and every remarkable happening in my life. But I think I am happy after 25 years. Many people believed me and trusted me and loved me and called me the best thing happened in their lives.

In this year I finishes my 4th year in my first job also, during this time my employer had shown the trust to send me to USA for 2 years to work for their clients. That has been one of the most amusing thing happened to my life till now. That trip is unforgettable for many reasons.Whatever I did; I did it with full passion and sincerity. It has found a good photographer inside me. I wouldn't have identified that skill of me unless I have been to the states and had the money to buy my camera.

God knows what is going to happen in the future; but it's my responsibility to learn from the mistakes and thank god for the good things. I am just trying to be humble here. Hope I would be able to make some more people happier with my life. :)

Love you all!!