Saturday, November 8, 2008

Cold Play and Mac ...

It's been again a long pause after the last blog. After Hamy's death it took some time to recover from it, I am again all alone. Loneliness have been haunting me all the time. I wonder what could satisfy me. The answer to that is still not found. When I am with the people I am comfortable to talk to, I am very happy. I am kind of getting addicted to people - some people. On the other hand I am having very repulsive feeling to those of whom I don't like to talk. My likes and dislikes are getting strong; I can feel it. I am not sure whether it's for good or bad. But the character moulding of me is almost complete. So love it, like it or hate it :)

One of the most memorable (I would some times feel the most) event happened in US was the Cold Play concert. I don't have words to describe my favorite band in the world. Perfection at it's best, that's what I would call it. It has raised my heart beat just by being there (before even they started to play). On a Halloween (I am not sure whether this was an evils temptation) I am in Verizon center with 20,000 people all alone. I felt so bad that I couldn't tell how happy I felt, to any one else. May be the first time I felt the sorrow of not having some one to share Happiness. I felt the absence of a partner that time. I am a person who loves the beauty of perfection; when it achieves the level which I couldn't imagine it becomes the COLD PLAY show. I loved the music, I loved the lights, I loved the live mixing of video by ultra talented people and I just loved the harmony of all. The satisfaction from a stage show is much more lasting. I feel very proud for being there and able to appreciate the talent. I just wished I could do something like that; at least to be a part of the team.

Another perfection I happened to have is my new Aluminum Apple Mac Book. I just loved the moment when I took the decision to buy the Mac book. I am spending hours just by looking at my laptop and wondering how beautiful it is. It's again a perfection beyond my imaginations. I have been reading a book called 'Shantaram'; it is a big book with some 900+ pages; if I have not bought the Mac I would have finished it by now. Whenever I turn my face to the laptop I feel like touching her. :) Ok let me read the book.