Thursday, September 20, 2007

Gone with Gauley...

Have you ever done white water rafting?? If you haven't and you are in US; you should not miss it, its awesome. Last weekend it was my turn to experience it; along with 18 of other colleagues from my office. We had gone in 3 vans, to West Virginia; to get the experience of a Class Five white water rafting in the middle Gauley river.

We had to drive for 5 hours to reach the place; changed dress to wet suits, wore life jacket and helmet. Then they took us in a bus to the actual location - around 1 hour travel - we had to carry the big boat. We divided ourself into group of nine, then the guide. He had twenty years of experience in water rafting. 8) we jumped into the boat, and started our 4 hour journey to lower Gauley, through the rapids.

The first rapid was awesome there was a rock in the middle which was adventurous; after that the two gals in the boat become little relieved. Then there were places were we could jump in to water. i have tried that and it was very nice to hang on to the boat wearing a life jacket you know. One of my friend was singing also in the boat; so it was kind of an unforgettable trip.

To the end of the river trip we all became tired and the cold was unbearable for some of the people. Again we had to sit in the bus for 1 hour to reach back.

As usual bought a fridge magnet as souvenir; now i have a pretty good collection of fridge magnets. As always Nishant inspired me for this habit too. Next week there are so many event to happen - MY DRIVING TEST - i have to call up the driving school to fix up and appointment for Sunday to learn the parallel parking. Tues day again i have to call him to take me to the test. I don't want to fail in this. I have to clear it at first attempt itself. I don't have money to pay the driving school :(

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Broke .... I broke my 18-135mm lens.... Feeling happy for that... :)

Hurray... On Friday last week it happened. It just happened as if it was the destiny... I kicked the tripod next to the couch, to make it loose the balance and to make my camera surrender to the gravitational force. Though I didn't scream inside i was so upset. But by Gods grace nothing happened to my D80 body (Not identified as of now, hope there wouldn't be). The lens' CPU contacts came off with the screws... !!!!

I was left with two options; getting a better lens or getting the same lens. Repairing was out of my options since the estimation of how much it would cost me to repair it does cost 45$. So I have left it considering the shipping cost and etc. it will come not much cheaper than getting a new one.

After a lot of thinking i have opted for the dream lens of those who doesn't want to change the lens from the body. The Nikkor 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6 ED-G IF AF-S DX VR wide angle telephoto lens. Pretty complicated isn't it. I liked the complexity of the name itself. ED-G IF AF-S, which means it incorporated ED type optics which has multiple coatings to reduce glare. G type lenses are those whose aperture can be controlled from the body of the camera. IF AF-S means internal auto focusing with silent wave motor. Then coming to VR - This is THE technology these lenses are using. It is very much complicated. It has vertical and horizontal velocity sensors and two voice coil motors. Interested can find more about it from the above link.

Whatever it is; I got a lens for 800$ and I am feeling happy for breaking the later. I hope there is a better future for the photographer inside me..

Also I have bought a Hamster... As of now i haven't named him; so some people are putting weird names which i dont wanna say here. Within 3 days; it made a blood shed in our home - more specifically from my finger :( - Later my friend had send me a link which contains information about what to do and what not to with a hamster before it gets used to me.. He is cute.. for those who calls him a rat; its not a rat. :( its a cute animal which doesnt have a tail. (it has but a very small one) It lives for 2 years - the one i have is a dwarf hamster - normally in US its a pet for kids and chaps like me. I sometimes feel, whether i am copying whatever Nishant is doing. But then can't help it. He also has a hamster - her name is Gypsie - I have a male hamster. Names for him are invited. May be after a week I will name him 'X'; if i am not ending up with another one..

Catch you later...