Friday, September 3, 2010

Being Human...

There are some mixed emotions inside my mind. I am confused, some of them makes me tender, some of them makes me worried, some of them makes me confused and some of them just makes me weak. Still no clarity on what it is. But all in all it reassures that nothing is in your hand. Time to turn back to God. Again because of the mixed sentiments I don't know what to do with God either. So I think I will just submit myself to him. 

Do you realize or have experienced the feeling when you just want to pamper some one? Say for example a dog, a cute puppy, you wouldn't get anything except an innocent look from it, but it would just makes your heart tender. Not everyone would have felt that or even would be able to understand what I am trying to say here. Right now I have that feeling trying to get out of my mind. But I am not having a medium to vent it out through.

World has come to a terrible state where you can no longer express a good heart to some one. You would be getting a stare of suspicion instead. I have had that experience many times. Some times you can't be more nice because thats abnormal. I had a conversation with a friend and in her opinion having an arrogant attitude is necessary for a girl else she would be exploited for her niceness. I could not agree to that, being nice doesn't mean that you have to be with out common sense and open to exploitation and misinterpretation. How many of you would smile at some one if he/she smiles at you? Even if you did smile back I am one hundred percent sure that it would be with a question mark on your face. 

I just hope the world would one day realize the value of a genuine smile and a nice deed. A genuine smile could bring a person happiness. Why don't you just start smiling at every one you see. Even with out any genuine feelings if you could bring happiness in some one especially a stranger happiness for a day or a moment by a simple smile, I guess it values so much more to God than the rituals.

What most people fails to understand is what is God's expectation out of you. Is it being a vegan, is it sacrificing a meal or is it doing some rituals which do not make much sense to anyone? I assume his expectation would be to be a good human being, if rituals helps you become one, do that; else don't do it. Being nice to a fellow human being is so much greater than offering something to God.