Friday, September 25, 2009

Interpreter of maladies...

Its been long since I have blogged. I kept thinking about stuff I can write about. What happened was I was so emotionally upset and confused these days and I did not want to write them down. Though I have been searching for some way to vent out those stuff which were making me cranky, I couldnt find anything. I think the things which were bothering me finally settled down themselves. Being a capriconian (or being myself) I am still not completely used to the insecure feeling I always have.

I have been reading couple of really nice books these days, those are actually out of my way of usual reading but still I liked them. The stuff I normally read would be thrillers or fictions. Like Jeofrey Archor, John Grishm, Dan Brown, Tom Clansy, Robin Cook etc. This time I picked a book called "Interpreter of maladies" by Jhumpa Lahiri. Its a collection of short stories by the pulitzer award winner. They were all wonderful stories, very emotional ones which made me think. Another one I am reading is "The last lecture" by Randy Pausch. Its the last lecture - the stuff he wanted to say last - before he succumbed to the pancreatic cancer. That book is very touching. He speak about how he achieved his dreams and kept his spirits up. So when you get chance try out these books.

Happy Reading. - I think the long weekends (sep 28 and oct 2) I will be with my books as the high population in India (particulerly in Chennai) is not allowing me to get tickets neither for Movies nor for going home.