Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I was thinking about what happened to my enthusiasm about photography. This place is making me lazy, and filling me with some weird feelings and emotions which are not productive. I don't know how to get out of this messy thoughts and get back to my old path. I tried to seek help from God, probably help is on the way and I need a change. I need a change of environment. Last weekend I was down with viral fever; it was really scary to be in the mess I live with a fever and shivers. There are hell lot of fevers now that swine flue too. Anyway I had spent a sum to confirm that I do not have Clinical Malaria.

The funny part was my friend was talking about fever the week before. She was telling about a comment her mother told her. Her mother told her that it would be nice to have fever in the summer as you would feel cold :) Even it sounded interesting to me and I thought it would be nice. But I think God wanted to prove that my conclusion was wrong. It was not at all nice, though I had to cover my self up for 2 days to sleep and never felt hot.

Monday, May 18, 2009

No tear for Prabhakaran...

I just wanted to remind all the people who is hailing Prabhakaran as a hero, that he is a terrorist declared by 32 countries including India. He died in a battle with the army of a country which has a democratic ruler. Its arguably not wise to fight against a country by the minority people who has migrated there only in last century. It should be a political decision to accept the minority, probably the only way. To those who argue about redrawing the border should agree with the same thing in our country too. Its almost the same thing happening in Kashmir right, will those who support LTTE would support the militants in Kashmir?? I think its the same goal they both have. Kashmiries want freedom from both the nations don't they?.

To those who see only the act of violence done by the military should not close their eye to the LTTE cruelties, their suicide bombers have killed thousands or women children and innocent people over the last 26 years. Its so evident that collateral damage in a military action can be avoided. Why the eyes are open only to the causalities in a military operation. Why not to the causalities CREATED by keeping the fellow civilians as shield. Indian Peace Keeping Force's commando es who brought rations to tamilians were killed by strapping burning tires on their neck. To me it sound funny when some one says the person who ordered this (personally) is a hero. This war between the Govt and LTTE has killed 70,000 people. Do you think the existence of an outfit which created this (whatever their goal may be) is still justified. Do you think the situation was that crucial before birth of LTTE to outweigh the lives of those 70,000 people.

There have been other organizations who also wanted to have a say over tamilians. What happened to them? "He decimated rival groups TELO and EPRLF and hunted down their founders, like TELO's Sri Sabaratnam. His gunmen assassinated TULF leader A Amirthalingam in Colombo in 1989. PLOTE leader Uma Maheswaran was shot dead by an LTTE hit squad. Another squad killed EPRLF leader K Padmanabha and 13 others in a Chennai apartment complex in 1990." - Times Of India.

Not all people who has an aim or a motto - like any mujaheddin outfits - should be respected. You respect some one when you find some quality in those people which you wish you had - this may be a very different way of seeing what respect is, but if you think more you would find this is true. People should be respected for their principles. The incorrect way a man take to achieve a good goal is not justified. The way he choose defines himself. There should be some principles he should follow to achieve it. Isn't it selfish to kill the people who had the same goal but different ways. Netaji never did that, Bhagat Singh never did that. We can not compare him with the extremist heroes of our country like Bhagat Singh. There is not even a single incident when some innocent civilians were killed by them, they never forced children and women to join the force. They never sent suicide bombers and they never created any collateral damage. They never hid themselves when their fellow followers or others lives were at stake, they were not cowards. They never used civilians to hide themselves and cover them so that they can enjoy safety.

If Prabhakaran turned himself down when the people he stood for are dying - I would have at least thought about him as a hero. That could be heroism (if I could forget that he killed one president and injured another president; killed a former Indian prime minister and another thousand innocents). He standing next to the suicide bombers photo is available over net. Is that heroism. I wish at least now people of Sri Lanka will have a peaceful life ahead. I hope President will respect tamil feelings and re inhabit them soon. If war crimes happened it should be brought to light.