Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Long Long Ago....

Yeah long long ago I wrote my last blog. Here I am again. Quite a lot happened in my life. Not sure which one of them should make it to here. 

I have been trying to impress people at work, by pushing my limits and keeping only positive thoughts to keep me motivated. I always say to myself that hard work pays; some times as rewards, sometimes as respect. Probably I am not very much in short of both. The understanding of that itself proves that I am on the right track about keeping my self positive. There is never a day I can reiterate attitude is success, attitude towards work, life and yourself determines where you end up. 

I read some where "Life, if well lived is long enough" can't agree more. How can we live well? Thats the question isn't it. I am thinking, every one should be thinking. There are lot of material about it online as well. Even yoga masters would be telling you how can you be a 'well being'. I think, your attitude plays a big role in helping you to be well. Your attitude towards society, people, co-workers, family, spouse, yourself; your attitude helps you find solutions to problems, also helps you be content. Highly motivated people are mostly, satisfied or viceversa and they mostly be successful. But how can a person be motivated. Its again boils down to his attitude, a person who believe hard work pays at the end will be motivated. A person who respects and love his wife will get it in return and continue to be motivated to be in a relationship. Its mostly a circle. A man who is motivated, sees results, remain motivated, sees more results, it goes on. This motivation and results could be anywhere, at family, at work or where ever you play a role. Thats how I think you can be a well being. 

A person with problems, again its his attitude only can help him. He can chose to be hopeless and go to depression, he brings down not only him but all the people around him as he is no more able to motivate himself or others around him. Otherwise, he could seek help, he could learn to fight or he could adapt. Adaptability is not that hard, may be I am underestimating problems as I never had any such a bad experiences in my life by God's grace. But still, life infront of you shouldn't be a consequence of your past. If you believe it is, then it can be altered any day to give you a new set of consequences. Life is born to survive by adaptation from the birth of universe. The whole evolution is based of adaptation. Evolution was for good I believe, so is adaptability. It is all within us.  :)

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